Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just Smile

You had to be there.  It was a nice warm sunny day and we had just got back to the car where we were removing our boots and waders.  We were both challenged by lack of flexibility.  This condition was the result of too many trips around the sun for both of us.  During the banter about the fishing conditions, I happened to mention that I found it easier to step on the edge of the bootie part of the waders and then pull the other foot out.  At our age the hearing can sometimes be a challenge and at that moment it was a challenge.  He thought that he was being asked to step on my foot to assist me.  Being unexpected on my part, balancing very quickly became an issue.  Several attempts to clarify the conversation soon set things right again.  No injuries occurred and no equipment was lost or broken.  At that point, just smile.

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