Monday, May 5, 2014

Protect Your Local River

How Does Your Club Protect Your River

Protecting your river is a complicated process with many moving parts.  The frustrating aspect is that while you are working to restore and protect, there are forces at work destroying the habitat and cleanliness of the water.  The Rogue Flyfishers in Medford, Oregon can write a book on this problem.  One of the issues is the local waste water plant.  They couldn't meet the standards for the discharge so they applied to get the standards lowered so they could.  They took action by having a study done with private money and now it looks as if something might be rectified.  Another problem is suction dredgers.  There was a fish passage success by getting Gold Ray Dam on the Rogue River removed.  The unintended consequence is that hordes of suction dredgers descended on the area.  One of the issues is that the legacy mercury is now being redistributed throughout sensitive areas downstream.  One more big issue is the proposed 36 inch, high pressure, natural gas pipeline that is proposed to go across Southern Oregon.  The gas is to be sold to Asia.  

One of the problems when trying to garner support from the politicians and the general public is that many are not knowledgeable about nature and especially riverine habitat and riparian zones.  Politics often dictates attitudes instead of science.  When talking to the farming interests, say green belt along the stream instead of saying riparian zone.

The Rogue Flyfishers have put a page on their website to provide some insight for those who are unfamiliar with riparian zones.  This is just one facet of their conservation work.  They team up with other organizations to organize, fund, and complete projects.  click here

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