Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blog International Federation of Fly Fishers

In 2009 becoming president of the IFFF I knew we had many challenges ahead of us. To be president I gave the Board of Directors two conditions, one I wanted a full audit on the books and second we manage the Federation as a business. Yes we had our challenges, but with hiring some new staff members and the help of many others the International Federation of Fly Fishers is stable and we are growing.
One of the challenges we face is communicating to our councils, clubs and individual members. The second challenge is to let the world know about the Federation. Not too many years ago the word blog was introduced and has become a way of communicating to the world. The basic foundation of the blog is a way of allowing the world to share information about themselves and others. When I was in Germany 2012 attending a fly fishing show which featured fly tiers I thought to myself wouldn’t it be nice for tiers to communicate with each other about fly patterns or maybe new fly tying material.
Today the IFFF is setting up a new blog system. Communication is critical to any organization’s success and we must find the right path to let the world know about our blog. Having the capability to share ideas and information amongst ourselves and the rest of the world is an important key to our success.  I invite you to join us in our endeavor to spread the word about the International Federation of Fly Fishers and our new form of communication.
Philip Greenlee IFFF President


  1. It seems like blogs are a better way of communicating with the membership and giving them a voice. We use a similar structure at our club level. Not everyone is on Facebook or Google Plus, but people don't mind reading blog posts as long as they are short and pertinent. We use it to communicate our fly tying and casting sessions. It's still a struggle, but it's easier for the leaders to post and communicate. Good luck with this endeavor.

  2. Thank you Reynaldo for being the very first person to comment on our new blog. You have paved the way for others to see the way it works and have accurately described the value of using a blog. Thank you again.