Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to best utilize the new IFFF Blog

But first, what is a blog?  A blog is more immediate than websites that tend to seldom change.  A blog is more agile than a newsletter that is published on a set schedule.  A blog is something even better in that you can post a comment back to the blog.  The comment can be agreement or a different point of view or a request for more information.  A blog can be corrected or modified very quickly unlike websites or newsletters.

One feature of the IFFF Blog is the choice of language.  We are after all an international organization.

Another nice feature is the follow by e-mail.  Just sign up for it and every new posting will be sent to you by e-mail.  No need to continually check the blog. 

Clubs are encouraged to send a message of introduction to the fly fishing community.  We will post it on the blog for you.  Tell us where you are located and tell us about your home water.  Tell us about your fishing programs and your efforts to conserve your fishery.  Tell us about your website.  If you don’t have a website you might consider a blog.  A blog is a great alternative to a website.  Hope to hear from you very soon.   Send your articles to blog@fedflyfishers.org.

Happy Blogging.   www.fedflyfishers.blogspot.com

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