Sunday, September 14, 2014

By Skip Hosfield

Beginnings in Eugene, 1965

The July 1965 issue of The Creel, the distinguished quarterly published by the Flyfishers Club of Oregon, began its feature article as follows:  “Close by the trout pools and rapids of the river for which they are named, the McKenzie Flyfishers of Eugene sponsored a memorable gathering of anglers in June.  The Young Tigers of the McKenzie, as they deserve to be remembered henceforth, will recall the occasion for the rest of their lives.”Those of us who could be called Young Tigers in 1965 have become Old Geezers, more likely to be exchanging photos of grandchildren than a fish we have caught.  But the memories remain, clear and untarnished.
I remember President Bill Nelson standing before the McKenzie Fly Fishers at our second meeting, outlining the things we could do during our first year.  Three months before, few of us even knew another club member.  Now here we were, listening to a guy telling us that in addition to a whole list of club activities none of us have ever tried, we were also going to put on a big conclave of fly fisherman in order to promote the forming of a nationwide organization!  To continue the story click this link

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