Thursday, September 18, 2014

Whitney Gould – guide, teacher and caster extraordinaire

Willa, my dog, has rolled in half dead chum and is cleaning herself on my bed.  Fish are cleaned, processed, and ready for the smoker and the guide meeting is done. I reflect on the day’s events as I head off in search tomorrow’s guests to discuss their fishing options.
It’s mid-season at Alaska West. It’s my favorite part of the guide season as the river provides many fishing options, giving an angler an opportunity to catch three out of the five salmon species in addition to the dollies and trout. It is a transition time, a time when the really, really large kings are in the river, chums are abundant and silvers are beginning to show.
Trout Unlimited has sent up a group interested in fishing the upper river for the legendary K-tok leopard rainbows, so I am surprised to hear that the next day’s guests want to spend their last day on the river fishing for Kings with two-handed rods. Mentally I start my checklist, get three two-handed and two single-handed rods rigged to fish different water conditions, check the tide chart, tie flies, get coffee and fresh drinking water, and don’t forget lunch. “Done!”
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