Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hold Onto Your Bobbins

When you first see Dave Roberts at his tying bench in his own home, you know that tying flies is not just a passing fad.  One wouldn’t call him a hoarder of fly material but he is well supplied.  This is the result of a lifetime of fly tying emersion.  Add to that his Marine Corps background and you just know that his selection to be the Fly Tying Chair for the IFFF 2015 Fair was no happen-stance choice, and a darned good choice too.

Dave can be a practical joker but you can bet that when mid August rolls around, he will be all business.  We just have to tell one story.  Every New Years Day two of the fly fishing clubs in Southern Oregon have a chili feed at a local flies only area we call the Holy Water.  That particular day another angler was fishing so as to be the first to catch a fish in the New Year.  He hooked up and was trying to bring the fish to hand when Dave started throwing snowballs at the fisherman and encouraged all the others present to join in and they obliged.  Yep, that’s Dave.

When we see you in Bend, Oregon at the 2015 Fair in mid August just look for the guy in among all the tiers that has a hat with a Marine Corps pin on the side.  Just walk up and say, “you’re the guy” and then watch him get the look that says, “What did I do now”.

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