Thursday, June 25, 2015

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters

The setting was a nice warm day in Southern Oregon.  A group of men were in a parking lot gathered around in anticipation of what the day might bring.  Among them were six who had volunteered themselves and their drift boats to go fishing with the veterans.  The plan was to take eight veterans down the Rogue River fishing for Steelhead.  Prior to this day there had been four weekly training sessions of two hours each.  The first hour on fly fishing and the second hour of casting on the grass.  Later after the fishing they would all meet up for dinner at a nearby restaurant. 

Volunteers from two local fly fishing clubs came forward to make this happen.  This was all organized and managed by John Storfold, himself a retired veteran.  It was not surprising that most if not all of the volunteers were themselves veterans.  People who have been there have a special understanding of and for each other.  Was it worth it and would we do it again?  Would you even need to ask?

Group photo just prior to launching the boats

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