Friday, August 21, 2015

Impressions of Bend

Upon “getting invited” by Tom Collett (and our summer vacation coinciding) with the IFFF Conclave in Bend in August, my wife Muriel and myself had the great pleasure to participate in the convention. It started out with minor (probably technical) problems  as our pre-registration and membership application just never happened.  The the friendly and competent front-desk registration helpers quickly had us on the roster, though, kudos for that!! We were even able to get our tickets for Wednesday’s awards banquet which turned out to be quite an event, meeting very friendly, interesting people you only read about in magazines or with whom you might only have spoken on the telephone, at best.

Not really new to “fishing shows”, we were impressed, though, how well the Conclave was organised and how easy going and forthcoming everyone was, this is definitely not always the case here in Europe. I understand there were a lot of volunteer helpers involved in the process and I can only say “wow, well done” and that we will be back! 

We felt it was almost too large an event to get a taste of everything on offer for newbies like us with all the workshops, fun casting and demos, this is probably due to the "kid in the candy store” effect: just too much to see and discover, hardly enough time doing so - we were on vacation after all and wanted so see more of what the town of Bend has on offer. Three days is just too short for all that but we will know for the future and plan accordingly. 

The IFFF has quite a mission and takes its role very seriously. I am now considering starting a “club" here in Luxembourg with an affiliation to the IFFF. As a representative of the IGFA (International Game Fish Association), it is not always easy to get (fly)anglers here interested in its mission of conservation and education, the general ideas (not always so fly fishing) as well as the language barrier seem to play a major role in that non-interest. The IFFF however has similar goals of education and conservation and it does address fly anglers directly. This will make things much easier as this common interest speaks the same language wherever you go.

Let’s see what can be done here this side of the big pool, I will let you know.   

Comments by the Blogger:  Eric speaks four languages, one of which is English.  This article was not edited and as you can see, he is quite articulate.  It was quite the treat to meet and talk with Eric and Muriel.  Eric will be an important asset for the IFFF.  Tom Collett

Tom and Eric at lunch

Friday, August 7, 2015

Fly-fishing fanatics turn 50

Eagle Point's Dave Roberts heads fly-tyers at International Federation of Fly Fishers 50th anniversary fair in Bend

By Mark Freeman
Mail Tribune

Posted Aug. 7, 2015 at 1:43 PM
Updated at 1:44 PM 

Fresh off a 13-month stint in Vietnam, Dave Roberts had a 30-day leave in which he unknowingly took part in a sliver of history for all those who see feathers and fur as a medium of functional art.
It was the summer of 1967 and the 19-year-old U.S. Marine Corps sergeant was asked to travel to Oregon and represent Southern California fly-tyers in some new-fangled "conclave" for a small cadre of fly-fishing aficionados.
"The way the rules were then is we had to wear our uniforms, so I sat there in my full uniform and tied," recalls Roberts, 67, now of Eagle Point. "There couldn't have been 25 tyers that whole weekend. But I sat there and tied trout patterns from the small streams around Southern California and the High Sierras.
"It was kind of cool," he says.  To continue reading click this link.

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