Tuesday, April 19, 2016

E-mail from Rick Williams


Just found this in my copy of Angling News today, with a link below to the TU announcement.  

This victory on the Klamath is the result of a long and determined effort.  While TU took the lead, the victory is ours also.  This is a good example of the type of major impactful conservation work IFFF can do, perhaps not as a leader, as in this instance, but as an important and valued partner.  Appropriately, the TU announcement acknowledges the Northern California Council for their long participation in this effort as well.  Similarly, I was also involved early in this effort (2006 - 2007), when  I went down to Sacramento as an expert witness on rainbow and steelhead life history and the effects of dams and dam removal to testify before an Adjudicated hearing.  

Good piece for our E-News, emphasizing the victory for steelhead and our role as an important and long-standing partner in this effort

Rick Williams PhD
Fisheries - Conservation - Genetics

Note from the blogger;  The dams are one component of the Klamath Water Wars that have been ongoing for many years.  A related story appeared in this blog in January 25, 2016, titled "Klamath River, A New Old Story".

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